Personalized learning is key to success
In today's competitive academic world, most students do well when they get personalized learning with an expert teacher. In fact, many leading educational psychologists have consistently confirmed through research, the power of personalized learning for maximizing student success. A detailed study by a well renowned educational psychologist, Benjamin Bloom who measured the effects of students learning with a tutor to deliver just-in-time, customized help proved that by the end of three weeks, the average student under tutoring was about two standard deviations above the average of the control class. That means that the average tutored student scored higher than 98 percent of the students in the control class. So, it is no surprise that many students who ace exams take personalized tutoring to score high grades.
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Concept Tutors delivers personalized learning
We at Concept Tutors, truly believe in personalized learning. We provide one on one online tutoring sessions for students of GCSE/IGCSE, A-Levels and IB, customized for the individual learning needs of each individual student. Our tutors work with students across the globe to provide high quality personalized tutoring which is a combination of board curriculum & past examination papers to effectively prepare for examinations. Not just that, we make our classes accessible, affordable, and more convenient for everyone through our state of the art technology. So, students can conveniently fit classes into their schedule and learn from the comforts of their home. All that one needs to get started is a computer and internet connection.
How it works
Tell us your requirement
Choose the curriculum and subject you want to study.
Take a trial class
Choose a convenient time to take a free 45 min class on a topic of your choice.
Learn with the best tutors
Purchase the number of classes you need and start 1-on-1 classes with an expert tutor.
Personalized Learning
One-to-one online tutoring is an effective and convenient way to take classes. Our expert tutors assess the subject knowledge needs and learning capabilities of every student to make learning very effective. Unlike classrooms with many students, here the teacher's full attention and time is spent for one student.
Expert Tutors
Our highly qualified and experienced tutors are selected through a rigorous selection process. All our tutors have years of experience teaching students online. They are thoroughly vetted for their subject matter expertise and teaching capabilities.                                                                                                   
Recorded Sessions
Our state of the art learning system enables students to study in a secure web environment, where tutors and students can draw problems on an interactive whiteboard, share files and test papers, and work on curriculum together. All the sessions are recorded and students can revisit their recordings anytime.
Secure and Time saving
Online tutoring allows students to have classes at their convenient time and right from the comforts of their home, saving many hours of commuting time. Even if students are traveling outside their city, they can still take their classes anytime, anywhere.
Become a Tutor
We are always looking for great tutors to join our network.
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Parent from UAE
ConceptTutors helped my daughter become more confident in Maths and Chemistry, two subjects which used to pose a difficulty for her. The online nature of the tutoring makes it a low pressure environment where she did not hesitate to ask questions. The teaching is organized and efficient, and helped her in achieving an A* in both Maths and Chemistry.
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Jeevitha Student from UAE
I had a great learning experience with concept tutors. My teachers for chemistry (Ms. Veena) and biology (Ms. Madura) were extremely helpful in creating lessons and adapting their teaching style in order to optimize my learning. It was with their help and support that I was able to achieve A*s in both the subjects for my A Level exams.
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Adnan Mumtaz
My experience so far with ConceptTutors has been pretty well. Studying on an online teaching platform is much more interesting rather then studying with a teacher in person which can sometimes get tiring in my opinion. So I prefer an online platform a bit more as the student is much more relaxed in studying the subject and it's a fun way to interact. What I liked best about ConceptTutors and my teacher is that the concept is explained to the student first for any lesson, which gives good information to the student and it really builds up interest in the subject that is being taught.
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Valerie Andrade
The entire team is very dedicated and engaged. The service has been fantastic from the begining and I have access to the right level of information at all times. I would recommend this method of learning to help children improve and gain more confidence in their work. Thank you to the team and I wish them luck and prosperity.
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Mrs Parul Mehta
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for the wonderful, nurturing learning environment you have given to my daughter. It has given her so much confidence. To see my daughter make progress has been fantastic. We have been very impressed with the professionalism, attitude and continued support from every member of staff at the centre. We will be recommending this center to our friends and family.
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